The Norking Co. Inc.



High Temperature Low Temperature Including Applications Include
Silver Alloys
Copper Alloys
Nickel Alloys
Soft Solders RoHS Compliant Alloys Automotive
RF & Coaxial Connectors
Smoke/Fire Detection
Temperature Sensing Devices

In addition to our 5 straight through furnaces we have 2 specially built for brazing stainless steel. They maintain a part completely free from oxidation. This allows the part to come from the furnace with a clean bright surface finish.

We can provide either dissociated ammonia or pure hydrogen atmospheres controls are such that parts exit our furnaces cleaner than they entered. Our close process controls include the monitoring of dew points, atmosphere, heat zone temperature and belt speed.

CNC Milling capabilities gives us the flexibility to internally design and build brazing fixtures to meet and maintain tight tolerances and to accomplish this with short lead times. Norking also has a helium leak detector to insure hermetically sealed braze joints.

ISO 9001